Hiring the right talent is not easy. HireAlchemy will help you do it smarter, faster and more efficiently with artificial intelligence and semantics

    And how? By tapping into a candidate’s data, performing a Skill-Gap analysis, and suggesting relevant training courses to up skill candidates

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    Artificial Intelligence as a service

    HIREalchemy just does not accelerate or automate the recruiting process but uses artificial intelligence to fathom who the right person for the job is. In real time.

    Skill Assessment has never been this easy or simple. It's time to decrease your cost of hiring and make a move towards smarter and more efficient hiring.
    Intelligent Hiring is here now
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    Looking through job sites
    for the right candidate is like
    walking through a forest wilderness.
    HireAlchemy auto-sources the right candidate for you


A single platform for Talent Acquisition and Workforce Optimization.


Why You Should Use Us For Your Workforce Needs

Skill Analysis

We read a job description as a super-human HR would, understandind the context, analysis the relevance and importance of skills. We also tell you what additional skills would be required for the candidate to perform better at his job.

Position Management

Manage all your open enterprise-wide positions from one application. See when positons are to be closed and prioritise accordingly. Maintain shortlist stages and


Find people by proximity from locations. You are not limited to looking for people in only certain locations, but can specify radius in kilometers.

Powerful Search

Do boolean, fuzzy and spatial search across entire candidate pool. Specify rules, word distances and other factors

Resume Analysis

Deep dive into the resume, look at a pre-built synopsis, discover skill gaps. Take informed decisions before you make the first call

Fitment Score

See the fitment of resumes against respective job descriptions. The results are stack ranked and presented, and you know the five people to call first in a matter of seconds

Learning Path

See what the skill gap is and also the courses and books available to bridge the gap. Ascertain the training needs and compare against fulfillment timelines

Wide Job Site Integration

Pull resumes from Shine.com, Monster.com, Timesjobs.com in India. For the United States, pull from Careerbuilder.com and Dice.com

Going the HireAlchemy Way We go way beyond the traditional search and score method. And how do we do that?

Innovation now lies in the analysis of Big Data. We process both structured and unstructured data from varied data sources and provied structured analytics, inferences and insights.

Meet the team

Bringing innovation to HR Technology

Marcus Doe

Arjun Pratap


Founder of the next generation of HR technology solutions today. A believer in the present being a decider and the future being an opportunity. He has the will to create and the faith to believe.

Elena Taylor

Arun Kumar

Head - Operations

Operations, HR, Legal and Finance alongside SME, motivator and realist. He brings his passion to work on a daily basis and is driven about change being the future. Scale and numbers excite him to say the least.

Cris Nilson

Priyadarshi Lahiri

Head - Technology

Poetry, Literature and Economics are his passion, education and practical faculties. Bringing these together to break new code, drive inference on text and meet business needs constantly with cutting edge innovation. Driving a global product company from dream to reality is his passion.

Why choose us

Save up to 96% of your time! Don’t spend weeks on short listing candidates. Save millions in productivity and manpower- use our cost effective packages.

Why to choose us

We have reinvented the art of writing Job Descriptions(JD). Get more out of your JDs than just a text repository. Manage and store enterprise wide JDs. Analyze JDs and get actionable intelligence and insights, better understanding of skills, abilities, concepts, inferences, connected tags, location mapping and more.

Smart and fast resume analysis to match talent with a job position, with emphasis on skill set. Effective matches at remarkable speed saves time in employees coming on board.

Create customized email addresses from the system. Resumes will be extracted, scored and stored in an organized manner. Voila! The next time you log in, it’s all ready for you.

Here is our differentiator- identifying the relevant skills for a position. From creating JDs to screening resumes, scoring candidates based on skills they possess and skills required for the job, Skill Gap Analysis helps enterprises acquire skilled and relevant talent; and also train employees in relevant areas for professional growth.

Connect to candidates on their social network to build a holistic profile. Get an insight into their personal and professional interests and hire the right kind of people who will perform well in your organization.

Customized packages for you which include virtual appliance hosting with customization and cloud service. This will help the productivity of your HR team to increase manifold and handle extra requirements..

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What We Process Per Month

20K+ Job Descriptions
160K+ Profiles
16K+ Resume Downloads
3M+ Transactions

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